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Super Bowl LVII - On Location House, Scottsdale, AZ

DJ Johnny Hawkes on a stage at On Location House in Scottsdale, AZ
DJ Johnny Hawkes Super Bowl LVII

DJ Johnny Hawkes Returns to Super Bowl LVII with On Location House. @onlocationexp

In 2023, DJ Johnny Hawkes was invited back to Super Bowl LVII, this time to curate music for On Location's premier level 'On Location House' in Scottsdale, Arizona. Partnering with

On Location, a leader in premium hospitality experiences, Johnny showcased his talent and expertise in creating custom soundtracks for high-end events.

Elevating the atmosphere of the exclusive 'On Location House', Johnny's curated soundtracks provided the perfect backdrop, blending seamlessly with the luxury ambiance.

This partnership underscored Johnny's reputation as a top-tier DJ, known for his ability to enhance guest experiences through tailored music selections.

Returning to the Super Bowl stage for the second time, Johnny's collaboration with On Location solidified his legacy as a premier DJ in the industry.


On Location House Dance Floor and Lounge
On Location House

DJ Johnny Hawkes at the On Location House front gate
On Location House

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